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Monday, 5 February 2018

This is for those who are in 100l faculty of Science and Faculty of Environmental Science...

*Chem 101*
1.Chemical equilibrium
2.Chemical kinetics
3. Electro chemistry
4. Electronic structure of atom
5. Chemical bonding 6. Gases
7. Liquids, solid and mixture /colligative properties
8. Acids and bases
9. Chemical reaction  and stocktaking
10. Nuclear chemistry
11. Periodic table
12. Measurement in chemistry /matter and discovery

*chem 141*
1. Analytical chemistry
2. Volumetric analysis
3. pH analysis
4. Yield of reaction
5. Gases

*math 101*
1. Circular function /trigonometry function
2. Sequence, series and quadratic roots
3. Complex numbers
4. Elementary set theory/ binary operation
5. Natural numbers, Integers, rational and real numbers
6. Real sequence and series

*phy 101*
1. Introduction to physics, physical quantities and dimension analysis
2. Vectors and scalars
3. Linear kinematics (motion and applications, free falls and projectile)
4. Newton's law of motion (momentum and impulse,collision and explosions, forces and friction
5. Circular motion and gravity
6. Work, energy and power
7. Moment of a force, torque and angular momentum
8. Molecular properties of matter (inter molecular forces and equilibrium spacing,elasticity and strength of the material
9. Fluid at rest (density upthrust,pressure and applications) 
10. Simple harmonic motions
11. Fluid dynamics
12. Introduction to special relativity

 *Phy 151*
1. Introduction to experimental physics
2. Measuring instrument in experimental analysis

 *course outline for general courses*
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