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Friday, 3 November 2017

Felt to share this piece from an Evangelist friend, Ifenna John, who is also a member of this End-time awareness revolution group..

Read below;


Who died due to ghastly accident, while coming to Holiness Revival Movement Int'l minister's conference at Abuja By Mummy Linda Paul Rika.

We went to the village in takum, taraba state; we were praying after we finished this prayer, I began to feel the presence of someone around me, I was afraid, I now go into prayer, immediately I now felt a cool breeze on me and then I slept. I saw myself in a gathering, I enter a compound I saw women, I greeted them and later entered the house, I sat down, Immediately I felt someone was pushing the door to come in, I saw a tall fair woman very white and she was carrying a little crown on her head, she was carrying a scroll like a paper in her hand like this.

Tell him (Pastor Paul Rika) not to bother about the accusation of people, tell pastor that when I came to heaven and saw the beauty of heaven I asked the angel what qualified me for this place. As a human being like me what have I done for the Lord. is it true I suppose to be in this place? the angel said because of what you came to believe, practice and taught, because of Holiness and righteousness. Your formal Christian way of life was not worthy for your name to enter this book of life

I know the woman continue to tell me, I learnt this holiness of life from the teaching of pastor paul rika through attaching myself to the books and messages of holiness revival movement, tell pastor he has helped me to come to heaven, she pointed at me and said your divine revelation testimony brought fear of God and helped me much. Thank pastor for helping me see Jesus life, I went to the Lord and pleaded that my husband and children should be brought to heaven now, the Lord said people on earth are praying for me not to take your husband now but I told the Lord the people on earth will not understand. she now said that there was a time she was in the midst of the saints then they told her that your husband have come to heaven... Tell the church we pastored that they should continue in righteousness and holiness we taught them, the women must not give up in godliness in Christian dressing, they should continue in the holiness of heart and dressing, righteousness and holiness is the key that opens the gate of heaven.

Song: When we all get to heaven, what a day...


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