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Monday, 6 November 2017

She's beautiful
And young
But she is afraid of love
She wouldn't want to cry again
Since her dear one ran away

You loved her
But she's not who mama wants ;
She's yoruba.
You can't look at her anymore
Ever since you rose her belly up
And left to marry Amaka

The girl is sad
She is tired of life
Not knowing who to confide in
Or share her pain with
Because you too don't care
Just like her only dear

You are busy biting her skin
With the stigma you show!
She's just a kid
And should be in school, we know.
But you led her on to this road
You told her not, what she should have known
You thought children of 'adays know
But look...Ola is now one month old

She feels bad
But you're now a father
Why not be glad?
No.. You still fear her father
And not anymore in love with her
You bring her fresh tears
But shower Amaka with care
And look... Your baby is fatherless
Or without a father's care?

You may have broken her,
You all...
But not her beauty
For inside her lies preciousness
Like every other girl child
And take her as your pride
Even though she's not your heir
And don't break her heart
Even if  you stopped to care
oh! not to throw her out,
If she has ever erred
Oh child,
Show care.


The girl child, like other children, is precious to the society especially the family they are born into.

Children are gifts. You don't mould them to be what you would want them(selfishly), but unfold and nurture that uniqueness in them. 

Paying 'attention' not only to our children, but to those that feel unloved amongst us, goes a long way to saving that precious person that is a gift to the society.

Though broken, YOU are beautiful.



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