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Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Protecting Your Android Smartphone Touch Screen
The new releases of smartphones and tablets are made with the toughest and most scratch- resistant touch pad panels, all appreciations to such materials like Corning    Gorilla Glass. It takes a lot of efforts to have them broken and damaged. Thus however, does not mean it is impossible if you handle your device carelessly.

Below are 5 tips to protect the touch screen of your Android Smartphones;

-          Wear Protection:- Get a screen guard/protector, sleeve, padded bag or hard case for your smartphone or tablet.

            If your phone mistakenly gets down off your hand, chances are least the screen will get scratched, but cracking or shattering can happen even with the most durable of panels.

-          Treat it like it’s all you got: It would be odd if we tend to offer at least half the quarter of the attention we give to our loved ones to a mere device, but definitely having to treat your phone nice doesn’t mean to or wouldn’t affect your relationship with your loved one.
All you need do is dedicate some little time in cleaning your display using a microfiber cloth, which is idea for touch screens. You can even use the one that comes with your sunglasses.

Note: Be careful if using a moist cloth. Simply dampen it slightly or breathe on the screen and then wipe down gently. If you do end up using water, make sure that it is distilled since normal tap water contain basically Calcium, and other types of minerals. And make sure you do not over-rub. Let your phone be dry if there is any water left over so that you don’t accidently push any liquid into the phone’s inner hardware.

-          Have at the back of your mind the sun isn’t your friend: Make sure you avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Leaving your phone or tablet with an LCD display bit on the patio in mid-summer can damage the quality.

-          Never allow your phone screen to go idle: This may sound awkward, but this doesn’t mean you should get tied to your phone 24/7.

Have you heard of the term “burn-in”? this is what sometimes happens when you leave the touch screen of your Android device idle for too long without having to deactivate the display.

What you will see when you switch to something new is an afterimage display, ghosting or screen burn-in, all terms apply here. If this is happening to you, check out how to fix a device screen burn-in.

One of the favorite ways to prevent this from happening though is set the lock screen to turn off after a certain amount of time in the settings option of your smartphone or tablet under the lock screen section.

-          Know its limits: Avoid letting your touch screen be exposed to other electrical devices. Many people think magnets will damage your phone, when in fact it will likely won’t. The only thing that a magnet might do is mess up your built-in magnetic sensor, which is used for compass apps.


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