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Monday, 6 February 2017

ODD: 150 live worms found in Indian woman’s tommy
According to the last chapters of the bible, it has been reviewed that the world will be coming to an end and various odd news, things  that haven’t been heard or seen before will begin to manifest. And in confirmation to that, the world are beginning to experience some sorts of signs ranging from unexpected earthquakes, plane crashes, economic breakdowns, outbreak of uncontrollable diseases and the likes.

Hmm, recently, an Indian woman, Naha Begum, aged 22 from Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh was hospitalized on January 2 after suffering extreme abdominal pains and vomiting for than a month.

She was then rushed into surgery after an intestinal distraction was diagnosed, but doctors were not expecting to find what they discovered. A medical team of KG Navda Hospital discovered 150 live worms in her stomach.

‘I was shocked. This was an extremely unusual case. We have come across cases with three or four earthworms but this is the first time we have come across such a huge number; said Dr. Anand Prakash Tiwari, a medical expert at the hospital.
Luckily the doctors discovered the worms before they travelled to her brain and prevented them from causing serious neurological damage.

The affected woman [ Begum] was said to have visited other physicians but they had all sent her home with pain relievers.

She said in a statement, “ I suffered so many sleepless nights and I used to screams with pains and vomiting. But now, it’s like I have a new life. I am very thankful to the doctors here for ending my problem”.

She also stated, she was in extreme pains for weeks, and how painful it was.

MP Republic thank God for a life spared……

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