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Saturday, 22 October 2016

After a recent one-on-one survey with friends on their files storage, I came to a final realization that 78% of these people lose their files due to the fact that they lost their mobile devices, while a few percentage of them <17|%> remembered to backup these files on their phones before it gets lost, while the rest percentage actually saved their files on other devices belonging to them or on other online storage facilities like the Google Drive etc. These complain propelled me to search and research for the solutions to the problems of losing files after losing a phone.
Below are some of the ways you can actually transfer your files from a smartphone to a PC without having to worry much after a lost mobile phone;

Before your smartphone gets lost ,it is much advisable to transfer your files to your home/remote computer or laptop. The use of CLOUD SHARING services like Google Drive,iCloud,or Dropbox has proven positively to the effect. With just an app on your smartphone (preferably Google Drive or iCloud), a few minutes devoted to signing up with your  Google account (for Drive) or Apple account (for iCloud), you can back up as many files on your smartphone to these accounts without having to lose one byte of a file or information on your smart mobile devices. These backed up files are accessible on any internet enabled device (possibly your PC, another smartphone or Tablet)  as long as you can remember the mail address and its password (although you can reset a new password by clicking on ‘forgot password’ if forgotten).

However, both drag-and-drop transfers and cloud sharing have some security issues. If you not using a secure Wi-Fi or mobile data network, then data theft is a possibility. Be smart about your transfers and sensitive information. (do not log into your account 0n a public computer and remember to keep your password safe ).


Email is handy when you need to swap files from your desktop computer to a nearby tablet or smartphone. Also ,if you want to share a file with a coworker but can’t find a way to send it directly to their mobile devices, you can send the files to their email account.

Unlike the Cloud Storage, you need to have two e-mail accounts, thus backing up all files in one account and sharing them with the other email account or a trusted friend’s email so you can easily access your files with no or less hassle.

Remember to create another email account apart from your main account [advisable to use Gmail, or Yahoo Mail] so the files backed up by you in your email account can be easily accessible anytime, anywhere from another device as long as you log into your second Gmail account.

Please do keep your information safe from data theft, do not login in an unsecure wireless network.

With Bluetooth pairing, you do not need a wireless network [ or internet]  to transfer your files. All you need do is turn on Bluetooth for both your smartphone device and your PC, then search for nearby devices on your personal computer. This can be accessible in your “Devices and Printers Panel” found in your computer’s starter window. It is advisable to check if your “Devices and Printers Panel”  is set for automatic correction, if not please do turn it on.

Most computers will then move into a confirmation task, where you have to type in a code  or compare numbers. This will allow the computer to pair with your mobile device. The device should appear in your list of connected drive when you view your menu or file browser. For most personal computers , you can select “Send a File” from the Bluetooth menu by clicking on the Bluetooth icon on the bottom right side of your screen to get started. You can also manage Bluetooth devices more directly from the “Devices and Printers Panel” if need be.

If your computer is connected to a nearby wireless network, one of the ways to transfer files to a mobile device or if your mobile device is connected to a nearby wireless network, one of the ways to transfer files to your computer [Wi-Fi enabled PCs] is to set up wireless transfer. These services specialize in quickly porting information through your wireless network and onto a mobile device or your PC. Once set up, the services are quick, easy to use , and quite reliable as long as your wireless internet connection is stable.

The use of USB Drive has also proven positively to the effect. Even through the USB Drive is fast losing popularity to cloud tech services and wireless features, sometimes the best option is still using a flash drive or external hard drive to move your files. Not only is using  a USB Drive or connection server compared to wireless transfers [especially with built-in authentication],it’s also an ideal way to save a lot of contact and transfer it all at once to multiple devices without weighing  down your wireless network.

The key is picking out the right USB Drive device to use. Many Android devices for example, use USB On-The-Go , which can pair with compatible USB storage devices for quick transfers between PC and Android devices.


Near Field Communications also known as NFC is a data transfer capability that many phones and some computers now possess. Whether you are dealing with Android Beam, Windows Phone NFC, or other services, you can use NFC transfers.

This protocol requires that devices be physically close. It is safer compared to  wireless transfers, but a bit more time consuming. Apple use NFC for payments only, not for transfers of files, so iPhone users may not be able to use the file transfer function.
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