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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Photo-Printing: Learn to print your selfies from your Android device
The love and crave these days to take selfies or pictures have been in existence since the first camera was invented in 1685 by Johann Zahn.

But it has been discovered that this percentage has tripled in the last five to six years after new and cheaper to afford smart devices like the Google- supported Android devices,  the Apple – powered iPhones and the Microsoft- supported Windows Phones and not forgetting Blackberry Phones amongst the list.
These days, it has been found that people who own these sets of devices no longer have to go to a photo-studio, or possibly give their phones to a nearby person to take shots of them. With the front-camera enabled devices, these sets of people can save themselves a whole lot of stress having to walk to a nearby photo-studio and having to pay some notes just to hire the services of a photographer, or even disturb another person to take shots of them. All they do is use a selfie-stick which they could direct its positions to the comfort of their postures and then a single click, they get the smart and perfect look of themselves.

But how do you print out those pictures of yours probably for future purposes without having to stress yourself connecting your phone to a printer or computer with the aid of a USB-cable?. What are the alternatives to using a USB-cable?.
Yes, there is, there is a new alternative to using USB-cable. The new alternative is known as Wi-Fi.
Wi –Fi? , yes, with just Wi-Fi, you can print out your photos directly in company of a Wi-Fi enabled printer. All you need do is to download, install, and use the following apps, and start printing.

Here are some of the photo-printing applications available for download on your Android devices;

Cypria gives you a lot of printing options.
It integrates itself with other Android applications.
Cypria as a photo-printing based application has got more to it than just printing of your photos/selfies.
  It is mostly used with wireless Epson printers as a third-party photo-printing application.
Here it comes in both a free version and a paid edition that sells for a little bit above $5 or less on the Android market.

The free app enables you create and print notes and CD labels, as well as index cords and photos, the paid version can print web pages from your phones’ mobile browsers [chrome, firefox] in addition to photos.

Picwing Print and Mail Photos
This is one photo- printing application is the Android market that enables its users to not just printing but also mailing them.
You can choose to either pay monthly or possibly choose its pay-as-you-go plan. How great this could be!.
You know one amazing feature I love most about this Photo-Printing application?, it lets you do other works of yours while it does the Printing and Mailing of your digital photos itself. All you need do is inform it which of your photos it should process and who the recipients are, and Picwing will print and mail the images twice a month for a little charge. The service is based on subscription.
Canon Easy-Photo Print
Searches for compatible printers on your wireless network.
Lets you pick multiple pictures for batch printing.
It is great for printing a lot of pictures at once.
Canon’s Easy-Photo Print application for Android gives you {its users} the ability to wirelessly print any photo on phone or SD Card [ your device external memory card]. You can choose up to 39 different photos to print at once, as well as the type of paper to use and the number of copies to print.
Note this, this application does not work with Canon’s entire line of wireless printers.

HP iPrint Photo
HP Print Photo is a commonly used Printing application of your photos. Highly recognized due to high quality of products the HP inc brings to the computer market.

This application is one application that enables you to photoshop your images , I mean cropping and editing them before you print.
It supports over 200 HP inkjet printers [possibly because it is a HP supported application].
It has one of the easiest set up and also really quick while sharing to print.

The straightforward tools built into the app allows you to grab any photo on your phone and perform minor edits before you print. iPrint Photo supports over 200 HP inkjet printers. The app is available for Windows Mobile [form Windows 8] but not Windows 7 Phones.

Brother iPrint and Scan
This is another product that beats the quality hall mark. It enables you scan images directly to your phone.

The setup is much stressful than the rest. But it is, it has got what it takes.
It allows users print out from a personal computer a little bit quicker.

Similar to Canon’s app, iPrint and Scan searches your wireless network for compatible Brother printers.
It is advisable you consult your user manual guide to make sure that your printer’s wireless settings are configured properly, if not, you have to configure  it to a wireless network.

Polaroid PoGo
This photo printing app needs no Wi-Fi connections before your images could be printed.
It allows you to add custom borders and frames to images.
You can choose whether to use a picture in your gallery or to take and frame one using your camera. The application provides you with a variety of frames.

Hope this helps, if you got a question, suggestion or complain , please do forward them to the comment box below.

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