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Monday, 24 October 2016

Learning English Language- What is an Auxiliary verb?
An Auxiliary verb is an helping verb, it helps in the rightful structuration of sentences made by an individual. In further term, they are many auxiliary verbs, and they act as helping verbs. Examples of such verbs are Shall, Should, Could, Can, Will, Would etc.

The use of Auxiliary verbs-
Shall is used in relationship between the first, second and third person pronoun. Shall indicate futuristic tense and logistic necessity.
Examples of the use of shall are;
I shall do the work [future tense]
I shall pay for the work [future tense]
I shall be leaving in few minutes from now [future tense]

Shall to indicate threat or compulsion is a future verb used in a threat or compulsion to the security of someone’s life. Shall to indicate compulsion or threat is usually with third person pronoun.
Examples of Auxiliary verb- Shall use as a threat or compulsion are-
The court affirm she shall be hanged [threat or compulsion]
The Police have decided the suspects shall be freed [threat or compulsion]

Should is another Auxiliary verb commonly used. It is used as a verb to describe the past events of what was expected to happen. Should is a past term of shall. Should  without past tense mean politeness or request.
Examples of should use as an Auxiliary verb in sentences are;
Cate should be here by now.
I should be with the students by now. [politeness ]
They should have been here by now.

Will indicates your desires or promises to do a thing. Will as an Auxiliary verb indicates promise with the pronoun “I”, but if will is use with third person singular or plural pronoun, it means future tense.
Examples of Auxiliary verb, will, use in sentences;
He will be here in the evening [future tense]
They will be here tomorrow [future tense]

The Auxiliary verb has several meanings, so lets check the various meaning below;
It defines the willingness or future expectation.
It is the simple past tense form of the verb, will.
It shows politeness after an order or request is made.

The examples of the Auxiliary verb use in some sentences are listed below;
Steven would be here in the evening.
She would be rewarded greatly for doing the work.
David would have been a graduate today if he wasn’t expelled.

The use of I and will;
I will do the work [promise]
I will visit the students’ union president today [compulsion]

The use of can and could
Can –
Can is a present tense which signifies ones capabilities to carry out some responsibilities.
Examples of auxiliary verb, can use in some sentences;
I can do the work [showing ability to do a thing]
His proposed solutions can solve the problems [ability to proffer solutions].

Could –
The Auxiliary verb, Could expresses the ability, the willingness and the logical necessities. The Auxiliary verb, could is the past tense of can. It is mostly used in place of can as in sentences made in respect to the past.
Examples of the Auxiliary verb, could use in sentences are listed below;
He could be responsibility for the death of his girlfriend.
She could have passed the examinations if she had read her books.
I could present the book to the best student.

Hope this helps, if you have any suggestion, question or complain, please do forward them to the “comment box” below while they get answered within minutes.


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