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Saturday, 29 October 2016

Double- dating: Why do most partners chose this way?

It was a great day on the 11th of the month [October], as a norm, I needed to visit my social pages especially Facebook at the night of the day. There gladdens my heart, I met a class mate of mine [female] while I was at high school online. So, I sent out the first text just to strike up a conversation. After some minutes or so, I didn’t know what propelled me, my mind and hands to ask her about her boyfriend at present because she used to be a kind of girl I really loved to date, but “NO”, she would always say stating clearly she is not ready to jump into any relationship at present and at same time preaching her church to me instead of Christianity. This alone didn’t get me knocked but made me feel like “going into a relationship with the opposite sex is sin even there seems to be no sign of sexual utterances”. Back to the question, “How is your boyfriend?”, I struck out the question knowing fully well she is a kind of person whom carries church instead of Christianity on her head. Then she replied in some seconds, “ We broke up about the mid of this year”.

“ Gosh, are you that serious?, I mean at what time did you chose to  date guys since your church is against it ?”, I curiously asked.

“About last year, we got intimate, and mid this year, we had it called off. Just making it about 9 months”, she had just replied.

“ My God, eh, so you chose to date at last. I am happy for you. Okay, what eventually broke you two up?”, I had just vividly replied back.

“I caught him cheating with his ex. Both were naked”, she texted back. Them at this point, I knew she is going through a lot of emotional disorders. So ,as a guy whom once showed an interest, I decided to take snipe blames at her, until she suddenly went off for that night.

Just some minutes, she had gone offline, my girlfriend, the bae for life came on. So, normal too, we started texting until she threw this at me, “ Bae, why do men have side chicks?”.

Now, I was really surprised, shocked and confused by this question. So playfully I answered just like a normal guy, “ when love fails, when main chick is not doing the right things and lots”

So after the whole chats for the night, I decided to make researches on this. So, at last, I came up with some facts I think should guide, enlighten and high lighten things to you.
Here below are the outlined issues, facts and reasons why most or some partners have extra-marital, or extra-relationships;

1.         Relationship is getting boring: Sure, you have heard so many people tell you that they don’t know what to do. Their relationships are getting boring by the day. Partners suddenly changed, no more love. But may I surprise you, that every relationship bond tends to get boring, at some points in time. Remember a quote which says “ it is madness doing same thing different times and still expecting a different result”.

So, if your relationship or partner seems to get boring, please don’t change or move away from it. Instead, try as much as possible to work out new ways of doing things, create something different- learn more jokes, learn how to cook more foods [ because the heart of a man is in his mouth as it is often said]. Just learn how to change things especially your attitudes positively.

2.     Too busy for him/her: I know many people will not quit their high paying jobs for some relationships, they will tell you “if I don’t work, how will the family feed?, or is it love that will provide foods for us?”.

Hmm, here is a very complex one, haha, I just hope I balance things well.

Let me advice you or say this or even recall your memories, “ you remember that time when he/she used to be your crush, that you would do anything just to end up with him/her. Now , you still recall, you are or were working too at that time but yet you still created enough time to go out for lunch together or walk her home or even be up all night texting/ calling just to prove your point of interest clear. Hmm, you remember, right?. Now , let me ask you this “ have you ever seen a football team who worked so hard spending much just on a player, and after helping them win the major trophies, they bench him the next season with no sign of injury? Hmm,maybe you might have come across that scenario before. But man, truth be told, your girlfriend is not a  slave who you leave all day just to go to work, then return all night just to eat, have sex, and sleep and this goes on and on even at weekends. Remember you bought over her heart, and when she gives the heart to you, she gives you all, I mean absolutely all of her.

3.     Partners too outdated: Every year, new things comes to town. You might be the first to get the information or your partner, being ahead with information doesn’t mean your partner wouldn’t catch up, so please carry your partner along.

Ouch, wish I could keep writing and writing these reasons, but gosh, I have to put a stop here


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