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Friday, 21 October 2016

Distance Relationship: Right or Wrong to have one? [Pros and Cons]
Have you at one time or the other in your life felt physically lonely but emotionally companied?. What could be behind this?. Could this be as a result of having a distance relationship?. Hmmm, could this be the main reason you have chosen to talk only to your computer for at least eight (8) hours a day consisting of internet calls and web texting , I mean talking to a person you see through the screen of your computer?, making you feel exhausted in terms of data, time and possibly your energy. So, can distance relationships be classified as a true-love kind of relationship? .
According to a dictionary, a Distance Relationship is defined as a cordial sensual intimacy that co-exists between two individuals mainly a male and a female who stays metres or kilometres far from each other.  This involves the physical absence of the other partner, but the emotional presence of the couples across communication platforms.

To most guys and ladies, it is a NO to be in a relationship where you haven’t or even get to see your partner often, just the online stuff to actually validate if truly the distance partner is truly the one behind the profile he or she talks to.

While to others, they will vividly tell you that they need to have their partner closer if not a few distance away so as ascertain the true attributes of their partners, like the true way their partners speak and react to anger amongst other things just to be sure they are not portraying a duplicated identity. But to a few number of people, it really works great as long as both partners respect the ambition of their future being together.

But guys , is it really right to have one ?, I wouldn’t want to be in support or seen being against it. So , I will be discussing the Pros and Cons of having a distance relationship.

Below are the advantages [Pros] and disadvantages [Cons] of having a distance relationship;

Please note , the under listed terms are of my opinion, you may find this acceptable or reject able to you, so please I owe no responsibilities whatsoever to write in accordance to your opinion. Another man’s meat is another man’s poison.

PROS [may also be known as advantages] of having a Distance Relationship

The desire to have a dream partner- Yes, everyone seem to be categorized in this category. I mean, nobody would want to have a partner that is not in their niche [I mean partners not having same desires as they  do ,like being on the same page. Please forgive me for my blogging jargon]. So ,what people do after searching for their Mr. or Mrs. Right within their locals, they settle down for the web where actually millions of individuals having different cultural, religious or race differences meet and possibly meet the one who matches their desires. So, guys or ladies love being on the web in search of that one person that has got same interest as they do no matter the differences between them [in terms of Cultural , Skin , Religious or Ethnic differences].

Building self-esteem- For most individuals including myself have been able to build their self-confidence in approaching the opposite sex in ways it wouldn’t get them irritated. Like have you ever felt bad when a lady replies you in an odd manner?. Hmm ,know what it feels like.
So , many of the guys have decided to have a distance relationship , that which they can chat  up who want same things as they do, then hook up for a date. You know before the actual date, you morale must have been boosted, so you would be feeling in the physical aspect if they eventually get to meet.

It builds the respect for each other-
When you found in a distance relationship, the respect both partners have for each other builds unlike the physical relationship [ the one you see your partner 24 hours in a week] where the relationship starts becoming boring may be due to the fact that you guys are always together either on the couch watching same movies or possibly be in bed doing what you probably love best. You know this kind of relationship gets boring because you guys are doing same things all over again everyday without the need or desire to set out new planned ways of making your partner feel happy all day every day.

The full control of yourself –Yes, this is one aspect guys really love. They tell you , “I just need a lady who has got everything, the one who wouldn’t see each other all the time, but when we have the chance to, the desires to reach the pleasure of ourselves is on the fullest, at the same time, having the time to flex a little , like go clubbing where you get pickup chicks who will remind you how much pleasure the world got”.
Some will probably say, “ I hate ladies asking me my whereabouts especially when I am on an all-night with friends”

This kind of relationship, some guys have the option of having multiple girls as side chicks, possibly making the distance one, the main chick because their partners have no idea of what they do daily, or where they are.

Okay friends, I hope these advantages are understood, so time we move to the disadvantages, also known as Cons.
It is well said that whatsoever has advantages also has its disadvantages.
The distance relationship to some have been a blessing making them self-confident to have a partner, but to another set of people, they have fallen victims to untrue love making them feel unhappy and unloved for some couple of years.
So, guys, below are the disadvantages [cons] of having a distance relationship;

High risk of being duped – It is now a known trait among youths these days to dupe mainly foreigners of their hard earned currencies. For me, I wouldn’t be in a distance relationship if I haven’t confirmed the person’s claim of names address or even work address. Every year, thousands of foreign lovers [including females] fall victims to the fraudulent act all in name of falling in love or finding a partnerof their dreams.

No physical communications- In this kind of relationship , the only communication that could exists between are possibly the online chat, video calls, phone calls or even a letter. Just imagine yourself being in an emergency like you are having some night fevers and you live alone in your apartments, how much of information do you think people in your neighborhood know about you to let them offer you their assistance especially when you are the Walkie-Talkie alone kind of person. You know you might actually lose your life before your partner gets to you physically.

Not certain of the profile are of the identity behind the profile- This is the reason why people fall victims to fraudulent love. Having too much trust in a person whom you haven’t met like physically is like giving out your keys to a goat hoping it doesn’t get it misplaced, then coming back weeks later to ask the goat where he has kept the keys. It’s a greater risk falling in love on the web or having a distance relationship. You must remember to love to a certain level.

Change of attitudes-
This one is mainly common amongst those who actually have met once. Maybe probably the way they see their partner on the web is a different entity physically like his characteristics and some other sorts.

Remember time is wealth, please choose wisely the person you spend your time with and also spare your heart to.


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