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Saturday, 22 October 2016

Communication and Technology- How important is the information and communication technology [ICT]? Definition- ICT is an acronym that stands for information and communication technology. It covers any product that could store, retrieve, manipulate, transmit or receive information electronically in a digital form. Types of ICT- There are several types of ICT. They are; Broadcasting Telecommunication Data Network Information System Satellite Communication APPLICATION OF ICT Teleconferencing Video Conferencing Tele – Presence Telecommuting Telecommunication and networking Messaging Information search and retriever INTRODUCTION TO APPLICATION OF ICT There are numerous applications of ICT. Some of the applications are; Teleconference: It is a telephone meeting among 2 or more people using ICT. The message can be audio or video. It can be in form of live voice communication or voice messaging or data and graphic over a telephone. Video Conferencing: It is also known as video teleconferencing. It is a set of interactive telecommunication technologies which allow two [2] or more people in different geographical locations to interact via 2-way video and audio transmission simultaneously. Tele – Presence: This is the technology that offers almost exact experience as a face to face meeting. It allows hearing and also seeing the other people. Participants are invited using a calendar system. For example during the meeting, clear echo-free sound and life-size images are transmitted just as if they were all together in the same room. Telecommunication and Networking: Telecommunication and networking uses Information and Communication Technologies such as internet, networking data basis and many others to establish connection, control information flow, store information and so on. Telecommuting: It is the computers for communication. They use Information and Communication Technology [ies] such as internet and intranet for communicating with computers. Messaging: A message is an object of communication using ICT, the message can be in form of email, SMS and video etc. Information search and retriever: Internet search engines can be used to search and retrieve information from the internet e.g. Google, Bing, Wikipedia. ICT based Gadgets- ICT based gadgets are basically devices used for information and communication technology. ICT relays on a wide varieties of computing devices such as personal computers, computer networks, robots, etc. Technology for broadcasting information such as radio, digital television and satellite based services. Those for communicating through voice and sound or images such as microphone, camera, loudspeakers, telephone and cellular phones, and other electronic devices such as scanners, printers. The technology broadly covers any media to record any information especially digital media such as magnetic disc, compact disc, and DVD and flash memories. ICT uses an aerial of computer application software that are constantly being developed from a simple word processing to e-mail and internet applications, to the most confiscated applications that controls rockets sent into space. Example of Gadgets- Mobile Phones Computers Fax Machine ATM Dispensing Machine POS Radio Set Television Set Advantages of ICT- There are several advantages of Information and Communication Technology. Some of these are presented below; Information is available 24 hours a day through access on the internet or home computer files or office/workshop servers and computer facilities. Vast amount of data can be stored and processed quickly and efficiently. You can easily shop online and deal with bank transactions and book holidays. You can work from home and use e-mail video conferencing or chat o people across the other side of the world [all of which saves money and time]. ICT are used to aid specialists such as surgeons in the operations and training new doctors. Disadvantages of ICT- Some of the disadvantages of ICT are- Information is readily available-However confidential information may be accessed unless access to such information is properly controlled by the use of passwords. If the hardware fails- If the hardware fails, economics and businesses can be boldly affected and sales of products may be halted. Stock and many markets may fail to receive necessary information and system relaying on computers may stop for examples, aircraft and airports may be severally affected. Works involving computers may remove employees- Works involving computers may remove employees from social contact with other employees. This can cause stress.


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