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Tuesday, 7 November 2017

New Delhi:  An IndiGo passenger was restrained and manhandled by the airline's ground staff at the Delhi airport terminal shortly after an argument last month. In a widely shared video footage, the passenger who had landed in the national capital, was physically prevented from boarding the coach by an airline staffer who was heard seconds earlier objecting to the passenger allegedly using abusive language.

 The passenger, Vinay Katyal, travelling from Chennai, and the staffer get into a scuffle soon after; both sides are seen trying to punch the other.

 The incident took place on October 15. After the video shot on a mobile phone was put out today, IndiGo apologized for the incident and said that the staff involved has been fired. "Incident probed by designated committee. Took action against staff who was main culprit, by immediately terminating his employment," the airline said.

 IndiGo president Aditya Ghosh said he had called up the passenger too and apologized.

 "My personal apologies as this does not reflect our culture," he said in a statement.

 "Under the code of conduct violation, this incident was investigated and stern action was taken against the staff," the statement said.
 Mr Katyal, visibly agitated, seems to be arguing over the late arrival of the coach, to which the ground staff ask him to refrain from using curses. On video, the passenger is telling them that they should focus on doing a better job rather than moving passengers from one spot to another.

 As the passengers finally start boarding the coach, a ground staff restrains Mr Katyal from boarding over the alleged cursing. Seething in rage, Mr Katyal tries to attack a staff member screaming, "How dare you".

 In the scuffle that follows, he is finally pinned down on the tarmac, the airline staff holding him by his neck on the ground, as the passenger fights back, swinging his arms wildly.

Monday, 6 November 2017

She's beautiful
And young
But she is afraid of love
She wouldn't want to cry again
Since her dear one ran away

You loved her
But she's not who mama wants ;
She's yoruba.
You can't look at her anymore
Ever since you rose her belly up
And left to marry Amaka

The girl is sad
She is tired of life
Not knowing who to confide in
Or share her pain with
Because you too don't care
Just like her only dear

You are busy biting her skin
With the stigma you show!
She's just a kid
And should be in school, we know.
But you led her on to this road
You told her not, what she should have known
You thought children of 'adays know
But look...Ola is now one month old

She feels bad
But you're now a father
Why not be glad?
No.. You still fear her father
And not anymore in love with her
You bring her fresh tears
But shower Amaka with care
And look... Your baby is fatherless
Or without a father's care?

You may have broken her,
You all...
But not her beauty
For inside her lies preciousness
Like every other girl child
And take her as your pride
Even though she's not your heir
And don't break her heart
Even if  you stopped to care
oh! not to throw her out,
If she has ever erred
Oh child,
Show care.


The girl child, like other children, is precious to the society especially the family they are born into.

Children are gifts. You don't mould them to be what you would want them(selfishly), but unfold and nurture that uniqueness in them. 

Paying 'attention' not only to our children, but to those that feel unloved amongst us, goes a long way to saving that precious person that is a gift to the society.

Though broken, YOU are beautiful.


Friday, 3 November 2017

It was a sad one for the All Progressive Congress (APC) and its members as the home of the National Leader of the ruling party was put into mourning on Tuesday.

Bola Ahmed Tinubu who was also former governor of Lagos State released a statement  through his media aides on the account to address the emotionally weakened public of the cause of his son's death.

In the statement , Alhaji Bola Ahmed Tinubu emotions could be read loud a clear as he stated the cause of his son's death was medical as Jide  had been battling with heart diseases for such some period now.

Read the statement;

Statement by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu on Passing on of Son Kazeem Olajide Babajide (Oct.12, 1980-Oct.31st 2017)

We want to express our thanks and deep appreciation to all who have demonstrated their sympathy and expressed their condolences over the loss of our eldest son, Jide. I want to especially thank President Muhammadu Buhari, VP Yemi Osinbajo, the state Governors, distinguished Senators particularly Senate President Bukola Saraki, members of the House of Representatives, APC leaders and members and indeed all Nigerians. I thank the traditional rulers for their display of support.

My son was a highly intelligent person with a vibrant personality and a zest for life. He followed his own course and made his own way on his own terms. Those who knew him could not help but like him. Yet, he was taken away by cardiac arrest when it seemed he had so much life to still live. This is a reminder that we must live each day to its best as none of us know when our last day shall be. Mortality comes upon us all. We have no choice in that but we do have a choice whether we shall be good or bad, just or unjust. Let us all strive toward the best in ourselves.

Jide lived for so long in London and there he has left behind a darling wife and three precious boys. My wife Remi and I have gone to London to be with them at this painful time to support and help them. Please excuse our absence from Lagos for a while but it is essential that we are with them. Prayers are being offered and will continue to be offered for the repose of his soul. I have suffered a grave loss that no parent would like to bear. As a father, I must spend time putting my arms around the family he has left behind.

We must seek a lesson in every loss. Your reaction to my son’s passing has taught me that we can be a people of profound love and humanity when we want to be. People of every tribe, region, faith and every political affiliation have expressed their sympathy and extended to me the embrace of a brother or sister. Even those who don’t agree with me politically have shown strong support and care indistinguishable from that of my associates. This says so much about the innate goodness in all of us. For no matter what, we are not foes or enemies. We are all of one human stock, a single nation, one family.

I wish I could bring my son back but I cannot. However, what I can do is to be more caring and helpful to the living as I know this is what Jide would want to become of his passing. Let us all take a lesson from this and think a bit more about our fellow man, our neighbor, our fellow Nigeria. Let us live as we were meant to live with each other in greater peace, compassion and love. If only this can happen, I know my son will be happy.

Again, as we are away from Lagos, we thank you for the love you have shown and ask that you not only show it to us but to each other. Please continue to pray for him wherever you are.

Thank you and may God bless you all.
Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu
November 3, 2017.

May almighty God grant the family a heart to live without a loved one....

Felt to share this piece from an Evangelist friend, Ifenna John, who is also a member of this End-time awareness revolution group..

Read below;


Who died due to ghastly accident, while coming to Holiness Revival Movement Int'l minister's conference at Abuja By Mummy Linda Paul Rika.

We went to the village in takum, taraba state; we were praying after we finished this prayer, I began to feel the presence of someone around me, I was afraid, I now go into prayer, immediately I now felt a cool breeze on me and then I slept. I saw myself in a gathering, I enter a compound I saw women, I greeted them and later entered the house, I sat down, Immediately I felt someone was pushing the door to come in, I saw a tall fair woman very white and she was carrying a little crown on her head, she was carrying a scroll like a paper in her hand like this.

Tell him (Pastor Paul Rika) not to bother about the accusation of people, tell pastor that when I came to heaven and saw the beauty of heaven I asked the angel what qualified me for this place. As a human being like me what have I done for the Lord. is it true I suppose to be in this place? the angel said because of what you came to believe, practice and taught, because of Holiness and righteousness. Your formal Christian way of life was not worthy for your name to enter this book of life

I know the woman continue to tell me, I learnt this holiness of life from the teaching of pastor paul rika through attaching myself to the books and messages of holiness revival movement, tell pastor he has helped me to come to heaven, she pointed at me and said your divine revelation testimony brought fear of God and helped me much. Thank pastor for helping me see Jesus life, I went to the Lord and pleaded that my husband and children should be brought to heaven now, the Lord said people on earth are praying for me not to take your husband now but I told the Lord the people on earth will not understand. she now said that there was a time she was in the midst of the saints then they told her that your husband have come to heaven... Tell the church we pastored that they should continue in righteousness and holiness we taught them, the women must not give up in godliness in Christian dressing, they should continue in the holiness of heart and dressing, righteousness and holiness is the key that opens the gate of heaven.

Song: When we all get to heaven, what a day...

Though months old, possibly topped charts before we could come out with the lyrics.
But, it is worth it as we got the original wordings to "Be Humble" by Americwn Rap Artiste, Kendrick Lwmar.

  Nobody pray for me,
It been that day for me
Waaaaay (yeah, yeah!)

Ayy, I remember syrup sandwiches and crime allowances
Finesse a nigga with some counterfeits
But now I'm countin' this
Parmesan where my accountant lives
In fact, I'm downin' this
D'USSÉ with my boo bae, tastes like Kool-Aid for the analysts
Girl, I can buy yo' ass the world with my paystub
Ooh, that pussy good, won't you sit it on my taste bloods?
I get way too petty once you let me do the extras
Pull up on your block, then break it down: we playin' Tetris
A.M. to the P.M., P.M. to the A.M., funk
Piss out your per diem, you just gotta hate 'em, funk
If I quit your BM, I still ride Mercedes, funk
If I quit this season, I still be the greatest, funk
My left stroke just went viral
Right stroke put lil' baby in a spiral
Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note
It's levels to it, you and I know, bitch, be humble

(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up lil' bitch, hol' up lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Sit down, hol' up, lil' bitch)
Be humble (bitch)
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) bitch, sit down
Lil' bitch (hol' up, lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) be humble
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, lil' bitch) sit down
(Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, sit down, lil' bitch)
(Sit down, lil' bitch, be humble)
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, lil' bitch) bitch, sit down
(Hol' up, bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up)

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Who dat nigga thinkin' that he frontin' on man, man? (Man, man)
Get the fuck off my stage, I'm the Sandman (Sandman)
Get the fuck off my dick, that ain't right
I make a play fuckin' up your whole life
I'm so fuckin' sick and tired of the Photoshop
Show me somethin' natural like afro on Richard Pryor
Show me somethin' natural like ass with some stretchmarks
Still will take you down right on your mama's couch in Polo socks, ayy
This shit way too crazy, ayy, you do not amaze me, ayy
I blew cool from AC, ayy, Obama just paged me, ayy
I don't fabricate it, ayy, most of y'all be fakin', ayy
I stay modest 'bout it, ayy, she elaborate it, ayy
This that Grey Poupon, that Evian, that TED Talk, ayy
Watch my soul speak, you let the meds talk, ayy
If I kill a nigga, it won't be the alcohol, ayy
I'm the realest nigga after all, bitch, be humble

(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up lil' bitch, hol' up lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Sit down, hol' up, lil' bitch)
Be humble (bitch)
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) bitch, sit down
Lil' bitch (hol' up, lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up) be humble
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, lil' bitch) sit down
(Hol' up lil' bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, sit down, lil' bitch)
(Sit down, lil' bitch, be humble)
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, lil' bitch) bitch, sit down
(Hol' up, bitch) be humble
(Hol' up, bitch) sit down
(Hol' up, hol' up, hol' up, hol' up)

Thursday, 2 November 2017

Click to accept your admission
How to Register for Jamb caps, Login on the Central Admission Processing System
What is Jamb CAPS?

This simply means Jamb Central Admission Processing System. It is the power house of admission processing, it serves as database where admission information from jamb is been stored.

At Caps, you will be able to do a lot of things after login. You can check your admission status, admission acceptance and many more.

How to Register for Jamb caps

Central admissions processing system registration is quite a simple one, following the guide bellow, you will complete it easily.

Jamb caps registration is live on http://caps.jamb.gov.ng/

You don’t need to register again when you open the website, all you have to do is to login with your jamb profile details.

Jamb caps login
Visit http://caps.jamb.gov.ng/

Enter your username and password

Click on login

How to Register for Jamb caps, Login on the Central Admission Processing System

Advantages of CAPS
Restores Autonomy of Institutions

Protects Academic Calendar

Refocuses JAMB’s founding Ideals as Clearing House

Expands Admission Opportunities for Candidates

Provides Credible and Easily Retrievable Data for Researching & Planning on Education Sector

Access to Data for Research Purposes ~ See Jamb Brochure

Enhances Inclusiveness, Equity, Transparency & Accountability in the Admission Process

Things to Know About Jamb Caps

JAMB will Contact all Candidates offered provisional admission to Accept or Decline Admission the offer.

Once a candidate accepts the offer of admission, it will not be reversed, this means that your Admission will be concluded.

But If a Candidate Declines offer of admission, you will be returned to Market Place for Possible Consideration by Other Institutions

Systems Creating Suggested Admission List Based on the Institution’s Admission Criteria

Admission Officer Preparing Proposed List for Head of Institution’s Review and Approval

Institution Forwards Recommended List to JAMB Desk Officer

Monday, 30 October 2017

Its a sad news that a young girl could be under so much of molestation. And with all the recent fight against rape in the world, this beast has seem to grow much bigger by the day.

Recently, an 100- year old woman was raped and as a result of bleeding died. Following that news few days back, a young Punjab based Teen was waylaid by some group of adults including a minnor and was taken to rhe nearest bush just to have turns on her .

It is reported that as of the time of this horrible incident, the vicyim wad 16 years of age.

Jalalabad, Punjab: A 16-year-old girl, who was allegedly gang-raped by three young men in Punjab's Fazilka district, died of excessive bleeding last night. She remained unconscious for three days after the alleged assault and narrated her ordeal to her parents the day she died.

No arrests have been made yet.

The girl, who studied at a government school in Jalalabad, about 285 km from Chandigarh, was on her way home on Wednesday when she was allegedly waylaid by the three accused, including a minor, on motorcycles.

According to her family, they took her to the nearby fields and allegedly raped her. The trio fled after the assault.

As she didn't return home, her worried parents searched for her and found her bleeding and unconscious in the fields. "Moments before she passed away, she told us that they (the accused) kidnapped her from near a petrol pump and took her to the fields where they allegedly took turns to rape her," the girl's mother said.

She added that one of the accused was known to her and studied at her school.

"We have lost our daughter and we want justice now," her father said.

A case has been registered and investigations are on, a senior police officer said.

"The body has been sent for postmortem and we are searching for the accused," Deputy Superintendent of police (Jalalabad) Amarjit Singh Sidhu said.

How on earth will this beadtful act end in India because this isn't a new case as thousands of cases have by en reported in recent years?

Ayo Makun , the comedian famously known as AY at a youth programme organized in Enugu adviced the young ones especially fresh graduates to stop the habit on waiting on the government to make them established by providing jobs for them which are rarely available as those available are retrenching their workers.

The 30 Days in Atlanta producer made it clear it is time we the youth developed our inner talents and stop waiting on anyone.

As the comedian shared via IG after his participation at the National Youth Summit in Enugu state. Read below.

    My participation at the National Youth Summit in Enugu State has further rekindled the fire in me to Join the army that will build the hopes for our future. It's time to charge our youth to quit sleeping through life and taking just anything as they come. Let us allow our survival depend on our ability to stay awake, to create new ideas, to remain vigilant and to face the challenge of change. Let us all improve on ourselves by embracing the power of personal growth that will give birth to personal achievements. It is time to become job generators rather than remain in a generation of job seekers.

Saturday, 28 October 2017

Nollywood actress, Cossy Orijakor who underwent a successful surgery yesterday to have her butt enlarged so as to balance it with her massive boobs, will be empowering two of her fans by giving them free shops in Abuja for two years.
Taking to her Instagram page today, she wrote:
'Due to the Success of my operation.... I wish to empower two fans by giving out free shops for two years....u can start a drink joint or anything u wish. There is a room you can stay if ur stranded.... This shop is located in front of new orange market Maraba.. I lost my phone in Abuja so don't have the current video of this two shops. It's finished Painted yellow. Complete with front wall tiles and floor tiles. So if u live within Maraba or Asokoro.. Do a video as to why u need it and dm me...you can also recommend someone that is Poor or average. I will check your Instagram account to make sure you deserve it. Good luck

Friday, 27 October 2017

The UK has said it will not recognise the Catalan parliament's declaration of independence. Theresa May's official spokesman said the declaration was based on a vote that had been declared illegal.

The UK prime minister's spokesman said in a statement: "The UK does not and will not recognise the unilateral declaration of independence made by the Catalan regional parliament. It is based on a vote that was declared illegal by the Spanish courts. We continue to want to see the rule of law upheld, the Spanish constitution respected, and Spanish unity preserved."

Catalan MPs backed the independence motion 70-10 in a ballot boycotted by the opposition. Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy had told senators direct rule was needed to return "law, democracy and stability" to Catalonia.

[verse 1] joromi, joromi, i want you to love me
joromi baby
joromi, joro
kilode, kilode oh why you no dey call me
kilode baby
kilode joro

[chorus] i dey give you signal…..joromi
why you no dey see me oh…..joromi
i give you green light tire…..joromi, joro
omo ki lo n bubble oh…..joromi
make you no dey fumble oh…..joromi
i go shoot my shot oh, joro

[bridge] so, joro baby, take my number…..take my number
you know you can call me later…..call me later
me, i want to be your lover…..be your lover
oh baby, call me later…..call me later

[verse 2] folabi, bo s’ibi oh, talk to your friend oh o, joromi baby oh
joromi, joro
sebi iwo lo so fun mi…..so fun mi you talk say you like me, ah, abi iro lo n pa gan
kilode joro

[chorus] i dey give you signal…..joromi
seh you no dey see me oh…..joromi
i give you green light tire…..joromi, joro
omo ki lo n bubble oh, oh…..joromi

[bridge] so, joro baby, take my number…..take my number
you know you can call me later…..call me later
me, i want to be your lover…..be your lover
oh baby, call me later…..call me later

[verse 3] pa, ra, ra, ra, pa, ra pa, ra, pa, ra, ra, raa, oh oh o
oh baby, no be crime make person love you aih
love you baby aih, yes, i love you baby oh
oh oh baby tell me why…..tell me why, you dey take your time
just call me baby my

[bridge] joro baby take my number oh oh…..take my number
baby, you know you can call me later…..call me later
me, i want to be your lover…..be your lover
oh baby, call me later…..call me later

[outro] baby mi oh, ki lo sele gan gan…..take my number
i dey wait for you since early mor-mor…..call me later
me, i want to be your lover ah ah a…..be your lover
oh baby, call me later…..call me later
pa, ra, ra, ra, pa, ra pa, ra, pa, ra, ra, ra, raa
oh oh o

Russia 2018: Cristiano Rinaldo fancies to play Nigeria at the World Cup

2017 Fifa's "The Best" awardie , Cristiano Rinaldo has expressed his optimism of him wanting Portugal play Nigeria at the 2018 Fifa world cup slated for Russia .

This desire was made known by Ex- Super Eagles left winger, Adokiye Amiesimaka, who was part of Rivers State government delegation that recently toured Spanish football club side, Real Madrid sports facilities.
Adokiye Amiesimaka made this known during his courtesy interview at Sports radio station, Brila FM.

"We had the opportunity of meeting with Rinaldo and he also had a great pleasure meeting us. He was happy", he said.

"He expressed himself saying Nigeria is a great nation he will want to play against .
He made it known that he knew we were the first African sports nation to qualify for the 2018 world cup", emphasized , Adokiye

Are the super eagles really glad if they play the current European champions ?..
Wizkid not looking fresh as He used to.

Taking a look at some old pictures of former Banky W's Empire Mates Entertainment front line man, Ayodeji Balogun famously known as Wizkid as a young boy who don't just seem to have the voice to pull thousands of ladies to himself but also got a unique handsomeness especially being one of the people who made the haircut, "Punk " popular again in Nigeria with some Afro fusion.

So many dudes copied that specific haircut, it became a trend all because Africa's rated act got that style on.
So many fashion magazines made his pictures some covers of their editions.

2015, Wizkid announced he will be mutually leaving EME to establish his own, StarBoy Entertainment. Many expected this , as the teen singer made some names for himself beyond what his then record label ,Empire Mates Entertainment (EME) bargained for; he won some couple of local and international awards within a short period and also got some endorsement deals with some top firms.

Yesterday, I took some time out on Instagram to checkout some celebrities accounts; Wizkid, Davido, Regina Daniels and so many others.
The Wizkid I saw on Instagram looks more older than his actual age (late 20s), with tattoos scattered and drawn most parts of his hands, slimmer than he was way back in 2014 and some couple of things not so nice.
Great, he's making the more money than he was making back then, true, he'd to travel far away for some shows and all that. But, could the new Wizkid's physique have anything to do with stress or is it because of his intake of tobaccos as one of his pictures confirmed that (the picture of him at the Fela Shrine).
This is unlike the lad we knew back then, @wizkidayo, please we need you to look younger than your age physically than looking older.

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